Build Lifetime Customers with the Astro Loyalty In-Store Merchandising Kit!
Why In-Store Promotion Matters
Build your loyal fans
How to:
- Get your customers hooked on quality with unbeatable value

- Raise awareness for your exclusive local programs

- Keep your customers coming back time and time again

- Encourage your customers to check out their Frequent Buyer progress and claim their loyalty rewards

- Enable your customers to check out all of your Astro offers!
How to use your Astro promotion kit
Now the easy part!

Step 1:

Print your media kit
All of your media kit resources are perfectly formated for profesional printing.
Just send the kit to your favorite local print shop with the attached instructions and you're done!
- If you prefer, you can always print them at home!

Step 2:

Place your kit around your store
Put your printed media kid materials around your store and tell your staff to expect lots of eager questions!
These materials will help raise awareness of your exclusive local programs and value

Step 3:

Talk to your Customers!
Now be prepared for increased sign-ups and purchases to your Astro Loyalty programs.
Provide your specific brand of top-notch service and they'll be sure to come back for more!

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*For Astro Loyalty Members Only

Here's a sample of what's in your downloadable Merchandising Kit!

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